Only .NZB, .SFV, .NFO and .ZIP files will be accepted. ZIP files should only contain the .NZB, SFV or NFO file, nothing else.
If you attempt to upload a file with a different extension, it will be automatically deleted.

Once the file is uploaded it will be available via channel commands.

The filename needs to be req#.nzb for nzbs, rarname.sfv or rarname.nfo for NFO/SFV. No other filenames will be accepted.

If you are uploading a .ZIP file, it can contain a mix of nzb, nfo and sfv files in a zip file of any name as long as the files inside the zip are named correctly.

File 1:

There is a 5meg size limit and you only have 300 seconds to upload the file after clicking submit before it times out.
Having trouble uploading? Let me know on IRC.

© 2001, Jim Melanson